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Inspire. Engage. Elevate.

Inspire. Engage. Elevate.

Luxury customers no longer emphasize on having, but rather on being – this is a trend that is becoming noticeable among affluent consumers. We at the Customer Experience Group strive to make your brand customer centric and empowered to create customer relationships.

We inspire you to engage with your customers through authentic and long-lasting relationships.

We engage your frontline staff and cultivate their hidden capabilities.

We help you elevate your customer experiences to competitive heights.

New Paradigms

We guide premium and luxury brands as they transition from a transaction-based model towards a relationship and emotion-based model. We understand your clients' behaviors, evolution, retail challenges and the entire omni-channel experience by reviewing the overall performance.

Building Experiences

We help elevate customer experience by delivering positive, meaningful, and unique experiences that create customer loyalty and ambassadors. We define the emotions you would like to create and remove the pain points to enable a relationship between your brand and your customer.

Groundbreaking Frameworks

We provide solutions through our insights that help all managers drive change, work towards meaningful goals and provide regular feedback for improvement. We constantly analyze the customer experience delivered, and we provide qualitative and quantitative analysis to enable your team to make smart decisions.

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Our People

The Customer Experience Group is founded by CX experts with decades of experience in the premium and luxury industry, ready to help your brand elevate customer experience and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

“Customer Experience is the next battleground. The Customer Experience Group provides a reliable and effective platform to help you win.”

Christophe Caïs
Customer Experience Group <br> CEO

“Great Experiences are probably sitting out there, waiting to be delivered by your people. All it takes is bringing Clarity and Trust to activate them.”

Joe Sejean
Activate Experience Managing Director

“A luxury experience is about generating positive emotions. These emotions define the difference between a forgettable transaction and a memorable experience, and this happens only when the service surpasses the consumer’s expectations.”

Fabrice Tavel-Besson
Face2Face Founder & Executive Director

“Brands have to create an experience that’s a level above what customers anticipate when they walk into the store. The first step, the bare minimum, is professionalism, but that has to be enhanced with real human empathy and a deep sense of luxury aesthetics.”

Frederik Schreve
Face2Face ‎Co-founder & Managing Director

“Today, successful luxury brands no longer compete on products or services alone – but rather, they differentiate themselves through the experience they provide their customers. This is what drives their continuous profitable growth.”

Thibaut Fromageau
Albatross CX Global Vice President

“Price is not a deciding factor in almost all purchases – it’s not even the product or service design. It is what you make your customers feel, and how they feel about it.”

Judy Wang
Albatross CX Chief Financial Officer

“Everyone in the industry is talking about Customer Experience, however only a few are actually building authentic emotional relationships with their customers. Customers do not buy products; they buy touching and memorable experiences.”

Clement Barthelemy
Albatross CX Managing Director Europe

“We have drawers in our mind and files in them, each file for one brand we have ever interacted with. Inside the file all the emotions attached to the brand based on our previous experiences as a customer. We help luxury brands to make sure these emotions are positive and relevant to their business.”

Dimitri Bentouhami
Albatross CX Head of Business Support
Sandra Koop

"Customer experience starts with people. From attracting the best talent to developing and retaining your high performers, invest in your people and watch your customer experience soar to the next level."

Sandra Koop
Albatross CX Global Head of HR

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