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Activate Experience’s CX Director takes part in key global CX events

20th November 2018
craig lee activate experience

Craig Lee, the Customer Experience Director of Activate Experience is taking part in two key global customer experience events.

He is serving as a judge in the first International CX Awards held in Amsterdam on 20th November 2018. He is judging the shortlisted finalists in two categories: Best Customer Experience Professional 2018 and Best Customer Experience Strategy 2018.

Craig will be a speaker, panelist and panel host for the first CX conference in Latin America ‘CX Latam 2018’ on November 22nd, 2018 in Bolivia. He will be discussing the topic ‘For CX to work, it all has to work!’.

Craig is a true customer experience transformist as he has devoted more than a decade to designing and delivering a multi-touch point CX program for one of the world’s major air carriers - Emirates Airlines. Guided by clear brand values and best intentions, he focused on providing a solid foundation for the delivery of global cosmopolitan experiences. 

As a practitioner, he has been designing and implementing customer experience programs at many leading organizations for more than 20 years. He also speaks and consults internationally on driving customer-centric business transformation, bringing brands to life, inspiring customer leadership, crafting culture change, and driving employee engagement in multicultural global businesses.