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The Customer Experience Group supports the SOS Children’s Villages

26th March 2020
SOS Children’s Villages

The Customer Experience Group has been a proud supporter of the SOS Children’s Villages over the years. In 2019, the Group was able to raise US$ 12,609.89 that allowed 14 children to go to school in Basse, Gambia for a year. The donation covers one full year of school fees, transportation, school supplies, uniforms and in some cases the school lunches of children in Primary and Secondary school. Seven vulnerable young people will also be able to gain a profession for life in order to lead an independent life and care for their families. This preventive work will help families stay together and break the poverty cycle.

The SOS Children’s Villages shares a thank you note as follows:

Dear Customer Experience Group,

A very happy new year! I wanted to write to you personally to wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2020. And I also wanted to tell you how the incredible support you have shown to SOS over the past year is really reaping rewards in places such as Basse, in The Gambia.

There are 89 children currently at SOS Children’s Villages Basse, and I’m pleased to tell you that all of the ones of school age are in school. This means that your support is already be helping them have a much brighter future. They also get extracurricular activities which is so important for their development – playing football is particularly popular!

One of the boys has really amazed us – he’s always been a hard worker, but last year his efforts really paid off: he found out he was accepted to the University of The Gambia to study a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies. Everyone is so proud of him, especially his SOS Mother who has been caring for him since he came to the village at age seven after the death of his father. It’s so inspiring to think about what an exciting future he has ahead of him!

Because we know that support for children often comes through supporting families to be there for them, we’re also proud of the stress management programme we run. This gives mothers, aunts, children and any other family members to de-stress and enjoy activities such as dancing together. We know that it can be complicated and tense raising a family, so these activities really make all the difference. We also provide space for any caregivers to get support with actual practical advice on raising children.

2019 was such a great year and I’m really looking forward to telling you more about it later in 2020.

Once again and thank you for your amazing support.

Julieta Cameron

SOS Children's Villages UK