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    We are made up of five agencies,
    covering all major aspects of CX.
  • 14

    We are global and have
    14 offices worldwide.
  • 100%

    We do 100% in-house
    execution of our missions.
  • Benchmark

    We have unique benchmark for
    premium & luxury industry.

The Customer Experience Group Agencies

  • Understand


    Wisely Insights is a boutique research agency helping brands make informed decisions for profitable growth.

    It specializes in customized research programs (both qualitative & quantitative).

    The agency helps deliver relevant insights that positively impact its clients’ business.

    Understand your customer's expectations and shopping behaviors.
    Validate your store concept, and the role of each touch point to optimize your omnichannel strategy.
    Evaluate brand performance as well as optimize your pricing strategy.
  • Activate


    We are your Customer Experience Activation Partner.
    We turn customer transactions into impactful and profitable guest experiences.
    Activate your Customer Experience (CX) with what you already have and from where you are now.
    Define what you want your customers to feel during peak times of your their experience. Align your business internally.
    Enable your organization to deliver the final outcome by involving back and front office.
    Implement your new experience and embed it in your culture with our 12 month support.
  • Measure & Improve

    Measure & Improve

    Albatross CX is a global CX agency capturing & analysing experience feedback.

    The agency uncovers how customer experience is delivered by gathering teams & customers feedback.

    Albatross CX can help your brand stand out to your customers with luxury customer experiences.

    Deliver positive, meaningful and memorable customer experience.
    Elevate by capturing & analysing experience feedback, making action plans and follow up.
    Understand not only what drives advocacy but also your performance vs. your peers with our customer index.
  • Analyze


    SmartCX is a customer experience management agency that supports premium and luxury brands.

    It helps brands deliver customer satisfaction through holistic measurement of the customer journey.

    SmartCX also helps brands grasp the intricacies of data analytics and link customer feedback to business results.

    Identify critical touchpoints across customer journey.
    Consolidate client & customer feedback data set.
    Analyze data in a predictive way and take the customer journey manage to the next level.
  • Rehearse


    FACE2FACE is the leader in today’s luxury retail training, coaching and consulting.

    It aims to maximize and empower the front line teams, and help them master the art of selling luxury.

    FACE2FACE provides workshops, digital support, in-store and distance follow up.

    Develop engaging learning methodologies & build your teams' skills and confidence.
    Embed behaviors necessary to drive true change and concretely increase business results.
    Implement a tailor-made training program to drive profitable growth.

Our Team

The Customer Experience Group is founded by CX experts with decades of experience in the premium and luxury industry, ready to help your brand elevate customer experience and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Christophe Caïs
Customer Experience Group
Joe Sejean
Activate Experience
Fabrice Tavel-Besson
Executive Director
Clement Barthelemy
Clement Barthelemy
Managing Director Europe
Albatross CX
Thibaut Fromageau
Global Vice President
Albatross CX
Judy Wang
Customer Experience Group
Sandra Koop
Sandra Koop
Global Head of HR
Customer Experience Group
Ahmed Klabi
Ahmed Klabi
Global Chief Technology Officer
Customer Experience Group
Rosalle Macaspac
Rosalle Macaspac
Marketing and Communications Manager
Customer Experience Group