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Struggling to Measure Your Coaching Efforts? Say Hello to the All-New CX App

31st March 2021

If you’re reading this, you already know why coaching your frontline teams is a crucial part of improving your in-store customer experience.

A better customer experience leads to more positive word of mouth, higher conversion rates, and higher ATV and LTV—which is great for business.

But since you’re reading this, you also know that all of that is often easier said than done.

We understand how difficult it can be to measure your coaching efforts, and consequently, the returns on your coaching investment. It’s certainly discouraging, and you may even start having second thoughts about maintaining or further investing in your training team, especially in times of uncertainty like now.

Before you call it all off, though, we want to share something we’ve been working on that we created precisely to help brands like yours that are looking to measure and track their coaching success and optimize their teams’ procedures.

CXG CX App is a one-stop coaching solution with two main digital platforms:

1.  Coaching Center. From our new and improved Coaching Center, field coaches and store managers can organize their training and coaching activities, rate each session, directly book the next session in the built-in calendar, write notes for follow-up, and access all previous coaching sessions.

They also get access to:

  • Pre-defined roleplays
  • General coaching forms
  • Blank or predefined observation forms
  • A comprehensive library of coaching content

2. Dashboard. Track how many coaching sessions you’ve had and sort them by field coach or store manager, by store, by focus area, or by time. From the Dashboard, you can access your calendar and see your ratings, so you can keep tabs on the productivity and efficiency of the coaching that your teams receive.

We made sure that CXG CX App has an intuitive and action-oriented interface, so that you can focus on the valuable insights you’ll be gaining from your coaching sessions. The app is also directly connected to the CXE (Customer Experience Evaluations) and VOC (Voice of Customer) data from your clients’ feedback, so your field coaches and store managers can easily identify what priorities they need to coach their teams on, and ultimately turn data into action.

See your investment come to fruition as you add consistency and structure to your coaching efforts. Maximize the coaching your frontline teams receive with the all new CX App Coaching Center.

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